I created the simplified dueling system because the spells in the first dueling system were too difficult. I’ve spent some time with the simplified dueling system; it’s too simple. It’s great as a “first time player” trainer, but it needs to be faster and have more depth. This is not surprising and reasonable.

So I’m making an intermediate dueling system. Three basic core principles to it:

  1. Keep everything that’s in the simplified system.
  2. Decrease the time you have to react to a storm (formerly ball) attack.
  3. Add two more attacks – zap and leech.

The spells:

  • Storm – The fundamental attack.
    • Speed: Simplified it takes 10 seconds to hit. Let’s cut that to 5.
    • Damage: 1 pd
    • Defense: Opposed = 0 pd; orthogonal = 1 pd; same = 2 pd
  • Wall – The only defense.
    • Speed: Instant. Lasts until used or over-spelled.
  • Zap – A quick attack.
    • Speed: 3 seconds.
    • Damage: 1 pd
    • Defense: Opposed = -1 pd (You heal a point!); orthogonal = 0 pd; same = 1 pd
  • Leech – A slow, sticky attack that’ll kill you if you ignore it.
    • Speed: Every 7 seconds.
    • Damage: 1 pd
    • Defense: Opposed or orthogonal: 0 pd; same = 1 pd

That looks ok. I’ll code it up and see how it works out.

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