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Hardware | The Wand-Ring Project


Updated: 2019-08-01

Here’s a parts list to make your own open-source Wand-Ring magic wand. It has 30 bright-and-beautiful full-color LEDs and is awesome! It’ll cost $57 + tax and shipping. And it entirely snaps together! No soldering required!

Long Version Follows…

The Electronic Bits:

Here’s what you need to make a Wand-Ring wand:

Note: You’ll need something to snip off the bottom pins.

For $57.00 + tax and shipping, you can have all the electronic bits you need for an AWESOME, eminently hackable, spell-casting magic wand.

Instead of buying the parts yourself, you can buy a full Wand-Ring kit from us.

Note that there is not an option to only buy the electronic bits from us. If you want just the electronics, you’ll have to order them from Adafruit.

Why? As of 2019-04-25 we’re refraining from carrying electronic bits in our inventory. This may change in the future.

You’ll also need a wand “shell” to put the electronic bits in. You can…

  • Make it yourself. (That’s the path of a true spell-caster, right?) We know you can do it. You’re clever. We believe in you. 🙂 Fun trivia: The very first functional wand shell (using this hardware setup) was made out of a clear tube from an M&Ms candy cane with a sheet of paper lining the inside, a cardboard toilet paper roll, and some packing tape. (That’s the version being welded by the guy with glasses on Wand-Ring/com’s front page.) Earlier wand protptypes with Arduinos and other assorted bits were made with perf-board, paint-stirrers, lots of wires and soldering, and duct tape!
  • If you have access to a 3D printer, there are .stl files you can use (or modify) to 3-D print your own wand shell.
  • Buy a 3-D printed wand shell from us. The kits listed above come with wand shells (of course), but if you bought your own electronic guts we’re happy to sell you a 3D shell or a plastic frame to attach the electronics to and use as the core of your own wand design.
Very early Wand-Ring wand prototypes. Lots of soldering; not very easy to build.

And the electronics all snap together – no soldering!!! Even the PropMaker FeatherWing simply slides onto the HUZZAH32.

Next Steps…

Of course, you’ll want software to make your wand work…Please visit our Software page for the most up-to-date code for your Wand-Ring wand.