You’ll find all Wand-Ring code on the Wand-Ring GitLab page:

  • Gremlin Infestation! – Your wand’s become infested with little gremlins. Zap ’em off your wand before it’s too late!
  • Follow The Leader – Repeat an ever-increasing series of gestures without making a mistake.
  • Isolation / Hide-And-Seek – Tilt your wand to “tag” the target for a colorful reward. πŸ™‚
  • Maze Adventure – (In development) Walk around a maze looking for treasure.
  • FastLED demo reel – Lots of pretty, pretty colors. πŸ™‚ A very slightly altered version of the 100-line demo reel at by kriegsman. Switch active demo by tapping the handle. If you just want something that looks real pretty, we recommend this. It’s worth noting that (as of 2019-05-02) we re-use several of the display routines from this demo reel in other Wand-Ring programs.
  • Multimodal – Sleep mode, Dazzle mode, Doodle modes 1 and 2, Flashlight mode, Gremlin Infestation mode, and Duel practice mode.
  • Simplified dueling code – Quick-and-dirty dueling code. Not nearly as complex (or pretty) as the Multimodal duel training code, but it works! πŸ™‚ Real, live, real-time spell dueling!