As of 2019-05-02, Creating tutorials (web pages, PDFs, and videos) is a high-priority item on our to-do list.
If you have specific requests, please contact us.


  • Assembling the electronics (web page),
  • (In development) Printing/building a wand shell for the electronics,
  • Uploading Wand-Ring software to a wand (web page),
  • (In development) Using a wand with software installed
    • Multimodal Core: How to change modes
    • Multimodal Core: What the modes are
    • Multimodal Core: How to doodle
    • Multimodal Core / Gremlin: How to play the Gremlin game.
    • Multimodal Core How to cast spells in dueling practice mode
    • Follow the Leader: How to play
    • Maze Adventure: How to play
    • Simplified Dueling Game: How to play

Bonus tutorials

  • Soldering
    • We heartily recommend the excellent soldering tutorials at Adafruit and Sparkfun.
  • (Low priority, due to complexity) Modifying Wand-Ring code.

Requests and suggestions are always welcome!